Fiona Bruch MP speaks up for one million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps in China

Fiona Bruce MP spoke up for Uyghur Muslims and other persecuted groups in China in Parliament and called for action by Ministers in conjunction with their counterparts in the United States.
Fiona Bruce said: “This situation is absolutely shocking and the world should be shouting out about it  - have we learnt nothing from the Holocaust?”
Speaking in Westminster Hall, Fiona Bruce, Chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, told of a number of areas of grave concern. Areas of concern included: reports from Uyghur people living abroad whose relatives in China have ‘disappeared’; perhaps more than one million people detained in ‘re-education camps’; the use of Uyghur girls as sex slaves for Communist party officials and as bartering chips; the forced consumption of pork and alcohol; children as young as three years old detained; children of those whose parents are detained simply being abandoned, with a case of child being found frozen; and children as young as six months being locked up locked up like farm animals in a shed.
The Uyghur people primarily live in the Xinjiang province in China and predominately practice Islam. Their treatment has been a cause for concern for international human rights organisation such as Amnesty International for a number of years and the BBC has reported extensively on the re-education camps where the Uyghur people have been detained.
In concluding her speech Fiona Bruce MP spoke of the action being taken by the US Congress and called on similar action by the UK Government, saying: This month, members of Congress and the Senate introduced the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act, which calls for the President to condemn the abuses, for the Secretary of State to co-ordinate closely with the traditional allies on targeted sanctions and restrictions, and for the appointment of a US special co-ordinator for the Uyghur autonomous region. It also calls on the private sector to conduct due diligence in dealings with China, and asks the FBI to track and take steps to hold accountable officials from China who harass, threaten or intimidate US citizens and legal permanent residents. I hope the Minister will join me in welcoming this action from the US and that he will co-ordinate with his counterparts there on this situation."
After the debate Fiona Bruce said: “The treatment of Uyghur people in China is truly horrifying and foretells a terrifying future for other religious minorities that also face daily persecution and restriction of their liberty, including the large Christian minority. We have a duty to speak up and must.”

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