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Musicians Brexit Deal

Fiona Bruce MP supports musicians in the Congleton constituency to get the best possible deal from Brexit

Fiona Bruce MP attended an event in Parliament with the creative industries sector, which employs 1 in 11 people in the UK.

The event raised awareness of the need to the ability for performers to tour and trade easily following Brexit.

Most professional musicians and performers rely on touring and travelling for their careers and livelihoods and gigs are often organised at short notice. As some performers can be working in several different European countries over the course of a few days, the possible introduction of work permissions and/or visas for British musicians touring and working in Europe could be extremely detrimental.
Fiona Bruce therefore signed a pledge from the Musician’s Union to call on the Government to ensure performers and musicians can continue to tour and perform in Europe post-Brexit, with minimum administrative restrictions or visa requirements.
Fiona Bruce MP said
“This is not just a theoretical issue. I have heard in my sugeries from constituents who are concerned that Brexit may hinder their opportunity to work short term abroad – for example to perform in a play or in a series of concerts. At the event in Parliament, I pledged my support for professional musicians and performers in my constituency, and urged the Government to ensure that they can continue to be able to travel easily across Europe post-Brexit for touring and performing with minimum administrative burdens”.
Horace Trubridge, Musicians’ Union General Secretary said

“British musicians have long enjoyed easy access to touring in Europe, as UK venues and festivals have benefited from easy access to European performers. We know from touring in the US and elsewhere, that visas and other restrictions impose significant costs and administration, and occasionally considerable financial loss when visas aren’t processed in time. We are calling on MPs and the Government to help secure a deal that will ensure ease of movement for touring and performing post-Brexit”.  

Record low unemployment figures in the UK

Fiona Bruce MP welcomes record low UK unemployment rates according to figures released recently.
The total of unemployment claimants in Congleton Constituency in June 2017 was 480. This is 778 lower than June 2010. This means 1.1% of the economically active population (age 16-64) are on the claimant count, placing Congleton Constituency in the lowest 15% of the 650 constituencies in UK.
On a national level, unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975 at 4.5% and the employment rate is at its highest rate on record. 324,000 more people are in work than a year ago. Furthermore, the employment rate now stands at 74.9%, which is the highest since records began in 1971.

Fiona Bruce said “This is very positive news for people who have been seeking work in my constituency. These figures show the great progress this Conservative Government has made in increasing employment. More people will know the reward and dignity that work brings.

Cheshiire Fire and Rescue meeting with Fiona Bruce MP

Fiona Bruce meets Cheshire Fire and Rescue after Grenfell tragedy.

Fiona Bruce MP has met with Cheshire Fire Officers including Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock to obtain and update on the Service’s review of fire safety in Cheshire following the tragic Grenfell fire incident.
At a recent meeting at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters Fire Officers explained what steps they have taken to address risks in response to the Grenfell Tower fire, and their work to improve fire protection in future. Residents residents of residential tower blocks are being offered advice and support, as fire crews and proection officers are visiting each of each of Cheshire’s 21 high-rise residential. 409 home safety assessments have been completed.
Fire officers are working with Housing Associations and attending residents’ meetings to answer specific questions relating to fire safety.
Cheshire Fire and Rescue are taking great action in addressing risks in response to the Grenfell Tower Fire and hope to improve the situation for the future.

Speaking after the meeting Fiona Bruce said “I was very impressed with the comprehensive steps being taken by Cheshire Fire and Rescue to ensure Residents’ safety after the Grenfell Tower fire. I was informed about the proactive work the Service has been carrying out promoting Fire Sprinkler Systems in High Rise blocks and other buildings and how the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is actively working to raise the importance of fitting sprinklers at a national level. It has been extremely reassuring to hear how much Cheshire Fire and Rescue have been doing for people across my constituency to ensure their safety.

Conservative Policy Forum

The next meeting of Conservative Policy Forum will be held at the Games Room, Vicarage Hotel, Holmes Chapel CW4 8EF at 8.00pm on Thursday 25th August 2017. The subject will be Conservative Values, Themes, Mission and Principles. Further details from Martin Deakin ( or Peter Kolker (
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