Fiona attends Clonter's Education Workshop

19 Sep 2018

Fiona said:

"Was very impressed at the high level of professional tuition and advice at Clonter's Educational workshop for young people aged 8-18, which I attended this week (though what should I expect from Clonter - everything is top notch there!)."

Fiona speaks at The Law Society's event on Understanding Law and Religion in the Workplace

14 Sep 2018

Fiona said:

"Good to be able to speak at The Law Society today at an event on Understanding Law and Religion in the Workplace."

Fiona visits 'Congleton at War' Exhibition

14 Sep 2018

Fiona said:

"Another great exhibition of what life was like in Congleton during the War, and a good opportunity for local children to learn about Congleton's past." 

Fiona welcomes UN Statement on Burma

29 Aug 2018

Fiona has welcomed the Statement by the United Nations on Burma.

You can read about the Rohingya crisis in Ben Rodgers' blog here:

Fiona checks on progress of Fountain Fields Park

24 Aug 2018

This week Fiona visited the development in progress of the extensive facilities at Middlewich's Fountain Fields Park which will include:

  • A new adult gym
  • A redesigned play area
  • A sensory garden and improved footpaths and seating areas
  • Play equipment for disabled children

Fiona says:

“Yet again we see real evidence that Middlewich is on the up!”

Fiona welcomes ban on third party puppy and kitten sales in England

24 Aug 2018

The Environment Secretary has announced a ban on third party puppy and kitten sales in England, ensuring stronger protections for animals. The ban will mean anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten must either deal directly with the breeder or with one of the nation’s many animal rehoming centres.


Fiona listens to concerns of local farmers

11 Aug 2018

Fiona said:

Fiona hosts Parliamentary launch of Alcohol and Families Alliance Report "Families First"

10 Aug 2018

In July Fiona spoke at the parliamentary launch of a new policy report “Families First” from the Alcohol and Families Alliance (AFA). The report examined the impact alcohol has on families and children in the UK and the gaps in support, as well as making policy recommendations for closing those gaps.

Fiona speaks in the House of Commons in support of Congleton Museum's hopeful move to Bradshaw House

27 Jul 2018

Fiona said:

Fiona secures and takes part in debate on Family Hubs

27 Jul 2018

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