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Fiona Bruce MP is the Member of Parliament for Congleton Constituency

Congratulations to our tremendously hard working and dedicated 2017 General Election candidate and now third time elected Member of Parliament Fiona Bruce for her securing the highest Conservative vote ever recorded for the Congleton constituency - 31,830 votes (over 4,500 votes more than in 2015) and a substantially increased 56.6% of the vote!

Visit Fiona’s website here: www.fionabruce.org.uk

Thanks to all the Association Members, supporters, friends and family who campaigned along with Fiona in the 2017 campaign - well done one and all for a great team effort!


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Fiona Bruce MP was re-elected as Member of Parliament for Congleton with an increased vote share at the 2017 Election.


Fiona Bruce celebrates the announcement of her 2017 General Election win.

She Says: “It's an honour and a privilege to serve this wonderful constituency and I commit myself to working as hard as ever for the good people who live here”

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Please note the photographs in the header banner illustrate the work of Fiona Bruce as MP; they do not imply that people shown with Fiona are members or supporters of Congleton Conservatives.

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